Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Coaching with Carol

'Closed questions are a mechanism for control'- please consider this quote & come along prepared to discuss.

Does it depend on the Intent, is it a planned closed question. What is the relationship with the person and the topic being discussed. Is it a coaching, social or fierce conversation. What if the closed question was put out there to intentionally antagonise the other participants? Learning intentions are time consuming and only created to appease management, aren't they?

At a class level. This is more often sage on the stage. In developing student agency where does this come into play. How can we make teachers aware of the and review. How often are classes  engaging in think pair share type activities. 

DAT'S. THAT DEVELOP AGENCY.  COVERSATION, about curriculum development and agency as a focus for teaching as inquiry. 
Can we develop in math knowledge and focus on agency. 

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