Friday, 20 February 2015

Charter Wordle Wordle: RSS Charter Wordle Strategic planning staff, students community challenging goals aspirations Parents, staff, whanau, students research schools goals strong vision foundation learning core set of values focus unique relationship family community effective learning Treaty of Waitangi Tikanga Maori Kapahaka Inspiring agency, creativity and excellence, Learning occurs anywhere, anyplace, anytime. Student voice is powerful –seek and respond to it. Learning is social. We can learn with and from others. Fun and enjoyment. Educators as coaches. Teaching should be strategic/responsive. Formative practice. Making learning relevant. Student agency/being actively involved. Blank page/blank screen philosophy (create). An appreciative view. High expectations and significant cognitive demand. Authentic project-based learning. Making connections. A strong grounding in literacy and numeracy. A supportive learning environment, relationships and community. Information communication technologies embedded. A broad curriculum. Maori achieving success as Maori. Be engaged, motivated, and eager to learn; • Be informed and active participants of their own learning; Develop a strong personal and cultural identity and healthy self-esteem, supported by home and school; • Feel safe physically, emotionally and culturally; • Have affirming relationships with teachers and be part of a supportive, healthy peer culture; • Develop positive ways of responding to learning and social challenges, be respectful of differences and learn to resolve conflict constructively; • Be capable of learning and experience learning as challenging, relevant, meaningful, useful and stimulating; • Take charge of their own learning and become independent learners; • Have opportunities to experience and celebrate achievement and feel safe about risking and experiencing failure as part of the ongoing process of learning; • Be able to share what they have learned and demonstrate social conscience. Professional learning is directly focused on lifting student achievement; • Career pathways are supported and educators can deploy their passions/strengths.

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