Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Brad Gay ap dp connection

Advertising and marketing our schools. 
Don't try totals don your competition. 
For return on roll. What do we want to attract people to our school. 
Not everyone will be the best fit for us
 and they won't be the best fit you. 

Elevator pitch. 
What is your superhero elevator pitch. Is the whole staff a familiar with it. The essence that ca be shared between one floor. 

If your school was human who would it be? 

Social Media. 
Who is the message for. The parent. Child. Extended community. 
Facebook and Twitter feed. Mailchmp sends emails. Free. Sends to webpage Twitter etc. can send video. 

Acronym helper
H. Hub. High value content. 
E. Easy. Few steps. Simple. Educational value. 
L. Leadership ideas. Laughter. 
P. Promote. Balance. Don't over promote. Regular and consistent. Varied. 
E. Engage with the community.  Questions. Polls. 
R. Reach out to key influences. 

Full schools need to keep marketing our reputation. 
Russell street for digital classrooms. 

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